Where the *#&%#$ is the closest mailbox?

May 9, 2007

Too often, I’ve ventured outside looking for a “blue” U.S. Postal Service mailbox — and I’d often walk or drive around in vain yet feeling like it was on the next block, or the next. This handy “maps mash-up” at Mailbox Map will show you the blue mailboxes nearest the address you enter into it, both on a map and in a list of locations. Very handy!

Many thanks to Google Maps Mania!

Click on the picture to see a larger version. Bonus points to the first person who identifies this location in the comments. (I know, it’s obvious, but, hey, it’s a slow news day …)

Mailbox Map


4 Responses to “Where the *#&%#$ is the closest mailbox?”

  1. Karyn Says:

    Proud Geek,

    Thank you for information. Sure, it is very handy as you said. I bookmarked it. :)

  2. -ck Says:

    Couldn’t you choose a harder to identify place? That’s the Florida Ave. side of Gallaudet.

  3. Andy Says:

    This is handy, Thanks.

  4. […] 11th, 2007 A while ago, I told you how to find the closest mailbox. But it always bugged me that I didn’t know what time mail […]

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