Plugging into the Matrix

May 9, 2007

The MatrixNo, I’m not talking about the movie trilogy where one plugs into the Matrix. I’m talking about literally plugging into the Matrix in real life.

You see, we recently traded in our 2002 Toyota Highlander SUV for a much smaller 2007 Toyota Matrix station wagon. A lot of factors played a part – we already have a minivan with lots of space, gas prices were going up, we wanted a relatively inexpensive replacement, it was time for a smaller car, etc., etc.

The upgrade to the Matrix’s XR model comes with a predicable array of features, such as cruise control, sunroof, alloy wheels, and more. But there’s one feature I’ve never, ever seen nor heard of before in a car (much less a non-luxury car):

A normal three-pronged plug outlet.

(Click on the image to see a larger version)

Matrix plug

We see those outlets on the walls of all houses and offices, and think nothing of those. But seeing one in our new car was jarring – I mean, it seems totally out of place! But it’s gonna be nice to have it there. The salesman said I could shave and drive at the same time. Uh-uh, I think not — I don’t want whiskers all over the seat.

If this feature is actually quite common in newer cars to the point of showing up in mid-range cars … Well, I’m such a geek that I know nearly nothing about cars. Cars are my partner’s bailiwick, not mine.


3 Responses to “Plugging into the Matrix”

  1. Candace A McCullough Says:

    Wow, cool feature!

  2. -ck Says:


    You ARE a proud geek. See what’s on the seat in the right edge of the picture of your console area!

  3. Proud Geek Says:

    Ha! Yep, that’s a Palm Treo 650. An older one, actually, that’s used by my daughter only to watch movies while we’re on the road or on the subway. This pic was actually taken with my own Treo 650. Now ain’t I an even Prouder Geek? :-P

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