An avatar on my homepage

May 7, 2007

Just created a new avatar of myself — and made a new permanent home for it on the upper right corner of the Proud Geek homepage. I’ll be changing it every once in a while. So, drop by and say hi to my avatar, and hope he can pry himself away from that arcade machine just to say hi back …  (And yes, I’m encouraging people to actually visit my blog page more, rather than just read it from afar via a feed reader — even though I did recommend using a feed reader in one of my first blog posts!)


5 Responses to “An avatar on my homepage”

  1. LaRonda Says:

    Way cool! How did you do this?

    ~ LaRonda

  2. proudgeek Says:

    I became a member of, which hosts all of my blog’s photos. Photobucket recently added a feature (in conjunction with where one can create avatars and then paste them onto one’s homepage, blog, forum posts, emails, etc. These avatars can have different clothes, do different things, look different ways (this one looks like me, ha), etc. Once I saved that avatar to Photobucket, I then created a “text widget” on my blog (run by WordPress), and copied the “embed HTML” code from Photobucket’s copy of the avatar. I then pasted it into the text widget and voila! I know, a bit too simplistic, but hope this helps.

  3. Andy Says:

    Mind if I steal your animated gifs???

  4. proudgeek Says:

    Andy – sure! Or even better, go to, and create a new account for yourself (using my userID joshmend as your reference, so I can get a few Coinz for premium avatar features).

  5. cheap car insurance company Says:

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