Yahoo Messenger going the Meebo route

May 3, 2007

A while ago, I raved about Meebo and suggested that it be part of the “Doing Everything Online” strategy. Seems like Yahoo! is trying to catch up.

(For those of you who came recently, Meebo is a web service where you can log onto your AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and/or ICQ instant messaging account(s) via your Internet browser. Waitamin, just check out my older blog post about Meebo, willya?)

Yahoo web messenger logoYahoo just announced a new feature for its Yahoo Messenger service where you can log in and hold conversations via your Internet browser rather than through a separate program or through the Yahoo email homepage. You can find it at It’s supposed to work also with your MSN Live Messenger contacts. This service uses Flash 9 technology, so if this service doesn’t work, head over to Adobe and install the latest Flash version.

I just gave the web version of Yahoo Messenger a try, using my Firefox Internet browser. (No way am I gonna give it up to use the Internet Explorer!) I started the log-in process as I started writing this blog post. I just checked — still a blank page with a “Waiting for” message at the bottom. I type fast, yes, but not THAT fast. Must be a lot of people trying to get in, or maybe it has some glitches that need to be worked out (after all, it’s still in beta).

I should note that MSN already has its own web messenger access.

Many thanks to Techcrunch for this info!

Hmf. I’m about to wrap this up, and I still couldn’t log onto Yahoo’s web messenger page.


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