IM+ is one big minus

May 1, 2007

IM+ logo IM+ is one of those programs where I’m tempted to say, “Move on, nothing to see here.” Quite frankly, in a meet-up between Mundu Messenger (see my review of Mundu) and IM+, Mundu Messenger would beat IM+ to a bloody pulp — and then jump up and down on IM+ for good measure.

IM+ (version 2.8) is an IM program by Shape Services. It is available on a wide variety of smartphones, including the Palm Treos running Palm OS or Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, Blackberries, several Symbian smartphones, and several other smartphone types. (This review covers the version for the Treo running the Palm OS only.) It costs a one-time fee of $29.95 – a bit steep compared to Mundu Messenger which sells for $11, but still cheaper than other instant messaging applications out there.

There were some things I liked about IM+:

  • Can sign up for AIM, Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, and Jabber.
  • Can carry a conversation via the background pop-up window (that shows up when I get an IM while using another program on my Treo). Other IM programs usually only allow one (long) line to be sent, and then the pop-up window goes away. (The converse of this is: sometimes I want this pop-up to go away quickly after responding, but with IM+ I have to press an extra button to make this window go away.)
  • Alerts you of new IMs and buddies via sound, vibration, and/or pop-ups.
  • This program is available for a surprisingly wide variety of smartphones, including many Blackberries.

And there were quite a few things I didn’t like:

  • It crashed my Treo several times, causing my prefs to be erased at least once. (Prefs include all the registration codes, button assignments, and many other customizations.) Thank goodness for Reset Doctor which restores them, whew. After seeing this happen as well with Verichat and Mundu Messenger, I’m starting to suspect that it’s Chatter Email or some other wierd thing on my Treo 650 that conflicts with all instant messaging programs.
  • Appearance is not crisp or neat. Some lines run past the screen. Some IMs appear run-together. Colors do not blend well. And what’s with the scary alien-ish green color found all thru the program? I can’t change the color scheme.
  • In the window that pops up when in the background and also in IM conversations, words that I type or receive are cut in half at end of line / beginning of the next line. A total deal-breaker, in my opinion.
  • When returning to my IM conversation from another Treo application, my prior conversation history was gone – I’d be looking at a new, blank conversation. If I wanted to see what was said before, I had to click on “show history” (as long as that option is turned on in prefs) – and even so, I could only read it before returning to the (blank) IM window.
  • Can’t customize fonts or colors of what is being typen.
  • Hard to distinguish between my words and the words of who I was talking with, since our fonts and colors were identical.
  • Not many preferences or customizations
  • When the Treo is off, receiving an IM will in some circumstances turn it on. Not something I like because of the potential of inadverently hitting the wrong key or the screen while walking with the Treo in its case.
  • Alerts cannot be customized very much. Can turn on vibrate or sound, but cannot turn pop-ups (when program is running in the background) off. Cannot turn alerts off or on for specific actions, i.e., receiving a new IM, or a buddy signing in or out.
  • At the top of the screen is a tab for your contacts, and another tab or tabs for each of your conversation. I found trying to click on a tab difficult because I kept activating the top-level pull-down menus instead.

Thus far, for my Palm Treo 650, Mundu is my choice. I still have several more instant messaging programs to review, tho. (Thanks, Grant — I’ll try WebMessenger next.)

4 Responses to “IM+ is one big minus”

  1. twallclimber Says:

    personally i didn’t like IM+ on my 8125 which is pocket pc. right now i use Agile Messenger which is perfect for me but too expensive in my opinion.

    i am waiting to get Mundu Messenger for pocketpc. i helped my deaf friend to set up Mundu Messenger on his cingular/att blackjack and he is very happy with it. it is just awesome and reasonable priced program. i look forward to playing Mundu Messenger on my ppc.

  2. wartik Says:

    I have tried most multi-network IMs including the ones mentioned above for my Treo 680 and my conclusion thus far – Mundu scores a home run on almost everything I need (though a few things need tweaking). Without a doubt though, my search for IM on my phone has ended with Mundu.

  3. […] May 12th, 2007 I’ve been trying out and reviewing instant messaging programs that can run on the Palm Treo 650 (and probably other Treos that run using the Palm operating system as well). See my past reviews of Mundu and IM+. […]

  4. GallyLeo98 Says:

    Question have you tried use Yak-On messenger? If yes can you do review on it??? Or contact me? I am try to decide which one Yak-On or Mundu for blackberry… Thanks

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