The inside scoop on Eyejot

April 25, 2007

Got this informative (and nice!) comment from the CTO and co-founder of Eyejot, in response to my recent blog post and some of the comments about the video email service.  Now I’m even more excited about this service and what it may do for deaf-to-deaf communications.  (And thanks, Daryn, for mentioning this blog and related comments on your own blog!)

Hi “Proud Geek” )

Thanks for writing about Eyejot. We’re thrilled that you like our product, and please let us know if there is anything you’d like to see us add in the future.

As far as some of the questions in your post and the comments:

1. We are looking into allowing you to record video from your mobile phone, and upload it into the eyejot system. Currently, you can view messages on your phone if you first go to the “services” section, and enable the mobile feature. Once you do this, you can click the link from the notification emails on your phone, and view the message, or you can access the “mobile inbox” using the private URL shown on the services tab.

2.Pro accounts are going to cost 34.95/yr, or $3.95/mo, and will include the mobile features, longer recording times, longer storage of messages in the inbox, and some other advanced options.

3. Renee is right, we currently do not enable HTTPS (secure) login by default. In the meantime, if you do want a secure experience, everything should work if you go to

4. As far as plugins go, the only thing we require is the Adobe flash player (Version 9).

5. Comcast video mail is an installed application that only works on windows. We designed eyejot to be accessible from any web browser, easy to use, and compatible with any platform that supports flash.

If anyone has any questions or comments, they can feel free to send me an email or eyejot directly at daryn_at_eyejot_dot_com.

Daryn Nakhuda
CTO & Co-founder


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