Sprint IP Wireless on any Treo – NOT

April 24, 2007

Sprint logoThe latest issue of the NADmag published by the National Association of the Deaf has a full-page glossy color advertisement from Sprint Relay. Near the bottom of the page, it says, “Sprint IP Wireless for any Treo: free download at http://www.sprintrelay.com/download/wm/treo”.

That would be true, only if your Palm device was a Palm Treo running on Windows Mobile — i.e., the Palm Treo 700w/wx or the Palm Treo 750. However, if your Treo runs on the Palm operating system, well, you’re out of luck. My Treo 650 runs on the Palm OS, and so does the Palm Treo 680 and Palm Treo 700p owned by several of my friends. That means Sprint Relay’s downloadable program “for any Treo” doesn’t work on fully half of the different types of Palm Treos out there.

So, “for any Treo?” Nope. Seems like the person who designed and/or wrote this portion of the Sprint Relay advertisement didn’t make sure s/he isn’t advertising something false or erroneous.

Nonetheless, I’ve updated my “IP Relay from your pager” post by adding the link to the downloadable program for Treos running on Windows Mobile. (Not for all Treos, mind you. I know I’m sounding like a stuck record. I’m just appalled by the false / erroneous advertising.)

Sprint folks: If I’m in error, please let me know (and tell me where I can download the program that would work on my Palm Treo 650) — and I’d gladly print another blog post taking back my words.

Note: in another recent post, I recommended against getting a smartphone that runs on Windows Mobile if you want true “push email” like the Blackberries and Sidekick does.  But since then, I’ve seen some news, heard of a website, and gotten a comment about getting direct push email on devices running on Windows Mobile.  More on this later.


10 Responses to “Sprint IP Wireless on any Treo – NOT”

  1. twallclimber Says:

    i have had a test on emoze.com with my pc and my device. i dont like it so i stick with mail2web.com. good luck. :)

  2. pany Says:

    Hey Josh!

    It’s so good to see you since CSUN/NCOD days!

    Anyway, have you tried downloading Causerie under http://www.handago.com for your Palm Treo 650? It is only one time fee depending on the features that you need for your Treo. I have Causerie on my Treo 650 and love it!

    Ginny Paja-Nyholm

  3. proudgeek Says:

    Hi Ginny! Thanks for the tip! I’ll def’ly try it out. :-) Have a fun day, and hugs.

  4. Rob Rice Says:

    RIMM just came up with software for Windows Mobile. Would enable push email, etc and all the bells and whistles.

  5. Proud Geek Says:

    Thanks, Rob! Yes, I linked to it in this post, as “news.” I wonder if the Microsoft Exchange server has to be installed on a computer and set to sync, though. The cost and complexity of doing that would take this service out of the realm of the average home customer (including myself). I’ll check it out and see.

  6. twallclimber Says:

    to pany(or anyone):

    have you tried mundu IM ? i heard several deaf treo users love it. one time fee for lifetime – 11 bucks ! it is a killer deal, i think. :)


    happy day…

  7. Jon Says:

    Have you tried the relay at http://www.iptty.com from your Treo? It is specially coded for Blazer, so it works really well from any Palm-based Treo. It works for the Windows-based ones too, but not as well.

  8. […] a tip from commenter didjital [and commenter pany too], I tried out Causerie Unified Messenger for the Palm by Mantra Group. And I have one word to […]

  9. […] ask how they can use their smartphone / pager to have a conversation with a TTY user. Thanks to a tip from commenter Jon, I came across iptty.com, a website that’s customized especially for the Palm Treo’s […]

  10. David Says:

    Let you know that I have Palm Treo 755P that came with Palm O/S. I found it has included TTY user in this system. Also has built in Direct Push Technology from Microsoft for this Palm Treo 755P only.

    I have tried and it actually worked well. It is similar to Blackberry O/S. I have use Blackberry pager for almost four years and I really love it. But there is some lack of features which I need the most. I has to move to another way.

    If you want to use “Push Email” style. All you has to is to make a call to Sprint Support Service and ask Technical to setup for you, not to your local store. There has nothing to do with this. Believe me, it’s was worth to ask for!

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