Mundu is rather mondo

April 16, 2007

I’ve been using Verichat for years as my instant messaging (IM) application of choice for the Palm Treo 650. However, it has been discontinued, and now I can no longer use it. I’m looking around for a comparable IM application, but I’m having a rough time finding a good replacement. Verichat sets a high bar, indeed!

Mundu Messenger logoFor the past couple days, I’ve been trying Mundu Messenger v.4. In a nutshell: I like it a lot, but some of its cons outweight its pros. As a consequence, I’ll keep using it, but I’m going to keep looking.

Mundu Messenger allows you to quickly set up and send / receive IMs via your Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, and Jabber accounts. Impressive list! It can work in the background without using text messages — a blessing for someone like me who has a limit on the text messages I can receive before I start paying extra. Messages are received quickly, and there’s almost no delay. There is a one-time fee of $11 — practically a bargain.

Here are some other features I like about Mundu Messenger:

  • Clean interface. It has a crisp, clean look — something I find valuable in a program. Things “fit together” neatly, and the colors and appearance look good all through the entire application.
  • Many ways to group contacts. You can group all your buddy lists by those that are off-line versus on-line, in ABC order in general or by IM type, by folder or not, etc.
  • You can set up a chat session with multiple participants, even those from different IM systems. This is ground-breaking, and is a very nice feature.
  • Change fonts and color in IM windows.
  • In IM view, the toolbar at bottom is full of features: initiate chat, fonts and colors, bold / underline, and more.
  • Alerts via vibrate, pop-up, and/or sound. Can set alerts on or off for a variety of events — getting a new IM, when a buddy logs in / out, when you log in, and more. Can be while you’re using Mundu, while using another application on the Treo, or while the Treo is off. Very, very nice.
  • Alerts can also be configured to let you know when new mail is received at one of the active IM accounts. Nice! But it also lets you know of new email even in your spam folder, ugh.
  • When you go to a different application on your Palm Treo, Mundu still works in the background. What’s even better, when an IM is received, it can alert you without turning the screen on — a great feature. Verichat would turn on the screen, and sometimes I didn’t know — I’d be walking along — and as a result some keys or the screen was pressed, causing some undesired action.

There are some things I didn’t like about Mundu Messenger, and the first two is pretty much a deal-breaker for me:

  • Doesn’t stay logged in. When I switch to a different application and then turn off my Treo, Mundu Messenger disconnects after a while. Verichat did the same thing too. I don’t know why, and I’m uncertain whether it’s a Mundu (and Verichat) thing, or if it’s just a conflict with another program I also have running in the background — Chatter Email.
  • Crashed my Treo numerous times in one day, probably conflicting with Chatter Email. The last three crashes would’ve erased all of my preferences and registration info if it wasn’t for Reset Doctor (a program I HIGHLY recommend). I think these crashes are partly caused due to conflicts with another program I have running in the background.
  • There isn’t an alert setting that turns on / off the Treo’s LED light. Hope this gets included in the next version release.
  • Can only sign in to one account per IM type. Can’t have two different AIM accounts at the same time, for example.
  • The Mundu logo takes up a lot of space on top. The actual IM window feels small because of the logo on top and toolbar at the bottom. Hope to eliminate the logo, combine it on the same line as the other tabs, or toggle it in preferences. The toolbar can be hidden away, though.
  • When getting an IM pop-up while in the background, I can’t use the Treo’s up/down buttons to read text that’s longer than the screen. I have to use the stylus and drag the right-column bar up / down. Becomes annoying quickly.
  • Can’t unblock AIM buddies.
  • Can’t see buddy properties – I want to see buddies’ cool status messages, how long they’ve been logged in, and how the user’s logged in (via mobile or computer or otherwise).

For me, Mundu Messenger would be good when logging into my IM accounts for brief periods of time. But if I were to leave Mundu logged in for long periods of time, I run the risk of it disconnecting on its own, and/or crashing my Treo periodically. I hope Mundu gets these problems fixed, because I really like this program. In the meanwhile, I’m going to try out other IM programs.


7 Responses to “Mundu is rather mondo”

  1. Try these two… they both support PalmOS. I use them for my Treo 700wx and its not bad.


  2. proudgeek Says:

    My next review is about ShapeService’s IM+. But thanks for the link to WebMessenger’s Mobile IM application — I’ll definitely do a review of this one as well!

  3. twallclimber Says:

    try one of these – and

    i have agile messenger which has been good to me for a year.

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  6. huskey Says:

    it also doesn’t have timestamps, some of these errors i haven’t actually had problems with, maybe because i use the stock versamail. the other thing i’d add is that video files, like it claims, aren’t able to be sent. Verichat would allow you to send next to anything within reasonable size, from memory card.

  7. pjay Says:

    Mundu >appears< to be the reason my 700p (Verizon, July ROM update) crashes several times a day. I have uninstalled Mundu from the Palm, and after it runs for a couple of days without crashing, I may re-install Munduto see if it gets better, otherwise I’ll try a competing product.

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