CSDVRS has Personal 800 Numbers

April 13, 2007

Just got this from someone at CSDVRS:

CSDVRS logoHello – this is a great blog!

I just wanted to make sure that you knew that CSDVRS offers a special feature – Personal 800 Numbers.

With other VRS Providers, for a hearing person to call a VP user through VRS, the hearing person must have two “sets” of numbers. First, the number to call the VRS center, and then a second “number” to connect to the VP user (VP Phone Number, IP Address, or Extension Number).

CSDVRS’s Personal 800 Number is unique because each VP user is assigned their own number and the hearing person only needs to know ONE phone number, eliminating the need for a phone number to contact the VRS center.

Personal 800 Numbers are perfect for forms, listing on resumes, and require no instructions and look “familiar” to hearing people.

With Personal 800 Numbers, VRS calls are now truly a 2 way street, instead of deaf people always having to make the VRS call to hearing people.

You can get yours by going to www.csdvrs.com/800 for FREE.

Thanks for your time!

Thanks, Tanya (especially for your praise of my blog)! I just updated the Video Relay Services page with this information.


One Response to “CSDVRS has Personal 800 Numbers”

  1. John Abbott Says:

    I forgot my password.

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