Geekily Butch

April 11, 2007

Just because I’m a Proud Geek doesn’t mean household construction products don’t get me all excited. Here’s a prime example: Telesteps!Telesteps collapsed We have three different types of ladders in our garage — a medium-height step-ladder, a W-shaped ladder that can take on any shape, and a double-ladder that can be extended to dizzy heights. All three are heavy and bulky, though. Every time I bring one of these ladders into the house, I end up leaving scuff marks wherever I brush the ladder against the wall. Ugh. And they take up so much space in the garage. (I know, I should put them onto hooks on the walls — but that’s a project for another time.)

Telesteps - extendedTelesteps seem to be the perfect solution. They’re light-weight and collapsible. They’re easy to carry, and take up very little space when collapsed. They’re artistic to the point of looking like a cool geek gadget. Heck, even the guy in the pictures looks like a happy Proud Geek in his red suspenders!

Telesteps are being sold in various configurations. There’s the straight-up ladder, the step-ladder configuration, and the combiladder which’s good for tall areas where you can’t prop the ladder against a wall. All three types of Telesteps ladders can be collapsed, and take up very little space when stored.

My friend (who also has a H3) has a Telesteps ladder (the straight-up type), and I’m sooo jealous of her. I think she got it because the H3 doesn’t leave her much space otherwise in the garage. Yeah yeah. Maybe I’ll swap my big W-shaped ladder for her Telesteps ladder …


2 Responses to “Geekily Butch”

  1. staz Says:

    yes, she loves it. very useful. it’s easy to carry and store.

  2. Cristy Says:

    Gosh..I didn’t know you liked my ladder that much!!! I personally like my H3 much more! Besides, I need the ladder to get into the H3! LOL

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