Windows Mobile doesn’t push

April 10, 2007

If you want push email (see my recent post on this topic), for heaven’s sake, don’t get a smartphone that runs on Windows Mobile. Over the past two weeks, a friend of mine bought a T-Mobile Dash, and another friend bought a Palm Treo 750wx. Both runs on Windows Mobile. And neither comes with push email, like the Blackberry and Sidekick does. Both friends ended up returning both devices.

The Palm 650, 680, and 700p (which run the Palm Operating System) can run Chatter Email, an excellent 3rd-party push email program. The Dash and Treo 750wx (and numerous other Windows Mobile smartphones as well) doesn’t have a comparable program. So, unless you have a huge business with its own IT solution or unless I’m badly in error (and if I am, leave a nice comment!), do not buy a smartphone that runs Windows Mobile. Buy a Palm Treo 680 or 700p, a T-Mobile Sidekick, or a nice new Blackberry like the 8700g. If you absolutely must have reliable AIM (AOL instant messaging) in addition to push email, then get the Sidekick. Just don’t get a Windows Mobile device if you want push email.


One Response to “Windows Mobile doesn’t push”

  1. twallclimber Says:

    personally i have cingular 8125 with window mobile 5.0 that does have direct push program. right now i use which is push email service. it is free service with 2gb email acct. it has outlook online with contacts, calendar, task, and of course email. it does very well. i have this for over a year on my 8125. it works super.

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