Updates bring MyPunchbowl back to the fore

April 10, 2007

MyPunchBowl logoAs my faithful readers may know, I initially recommended MyPunchbowl as the party-planner of choice, and then changed my mind as I was planning my younger daughter’s birthday party. In explaining why I was returning to Evite, I explained that MyPunchbowl had three strikes against it — a lack of pre-designed themes, the inability for guests to include an exact count of how many are coming, and the fact that some emails were not received.

MyPunchbowl just announced a major update that directly addresses all three of my concerns. Numerous party themes are now available, guests can indicate how many are coming, and the host will now get a confirmation email when emails to guests have been sent. The announcement mentions that all these are the result of requests by user(s) — I wonder if I was one of them, hmm. Many other additions have also been made.  (Oh, while we’re at it, here’s one more request: a mobile version that detects whenever a guest is using a mobile device to peruse a MyPunchbowl invitation.)

Anyhow, with this upgrade, I’m happy to return to the MyPunchbowl fold.


One Response to “Updates bring MyPunchbowl back to the fore”

  1. […] while ago, I re-recommended MyPunchbowl as the on-line party-planner of choice. Today, MyPunchbowl quietly introduced a new […]

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