Easily check for software updates

April 5, 2007

If you’re a half-way saavy computer user, you probably have quite a few day-to-day software on your PC computer — your Internet browser, Google Earth, anti-virus software, etc. It can be quite a chore checking each one of them to see if there is an update (free or paid).File Hippo logo File Hippo Update Client takes care of this chore. A tiny file that’s easy to download (it doesn’t even require unzipping / installing), it quickly checks the installed software on your computer for updates, and displays a nifty window in your default Internet browser listing which programs need to be updated. With a direct link where you can download the update, of course.

I love this program! Takes care of wondering, “am I running the latest software?” I should note that the File Hippo homepage has running lists of the latest updates and most popular downloads. Very useful as well.

As the Google Operating System blog (where I found out about this little update client) pointed out, though, the File Hippo Update Client doesn’t check your computer periodically on its own — you have to manually run this program. Maybe it’ll soon update itself to offer this functionality. My way around this was to drop a shortcut to the File Hippo Update Client into the “Startup” folder within the Start / Windows pop-up from the lower left corner of your desktop.  This way, this program would run every time you turned on the computer.  Also, this program requires the Microsoft .Net framework to be installed — and, of course, provides a handy link where you can download this framework.

3 Responses to “Easily check for software updates”

  1. sano Says:

    You can also set up a scheduled task. You can find this in the Control Panel applet. If you’re not in classic view, it’s under Performance and Maintenance.

  2. Andy Says:

    Seems like a good program. Said my java program was not the latest. But when I ran update on the Java control panel, message said I had latest. Downloaded what was the update Hipo mentioned. Need to reboot to see what happens.

  3. Andy Says:

    Rebooted. Everything works fine, but the earlier icon looked better.

    This is definitely a cool program. There used to be a program called Oil Change that did the same thing but cost $29 plus a subscription fee.

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