Goodies from D-Link

April 4, 2007

Many of us deafies know D-Link as the company that makes the D-Link DVC-1000 videophone, competing directly (or complementing?) the DVC 1000 videophone. What many people don’t know is that D-Link carries a lot of different neat networking products, some which sends shivers of delight up and down my back.Here’s some:

  • Wireless security cameraDVC-1100: similar to the DVC-1000 videophone, but it can work wirelessly instead of requiring an Ethernet cable. Don’t know if the quality is as good as a connected DVC-1000, but it’s a good option when your television is not close to an Ethernet jack.
  • DCS-5300G: a wireless security camera that you can control remotely via the Internet. You can view its images via a website from anywhere in the world. Even has a motion detector, and sends you email alerts. Plus, the camera looks like a cute little puppy, doesn’t it? Handy for making sure your dog hasn’t jumped on the couch, or the front entrance of your home, or a daycare provider, or …
  • DWL-P50: a common problem with products using Ethernet is that these products (like D-Link’s videophone) also needs to plug into a power outlet. This nifty “Power over Ethernet (PoE) Adaptor” actually sends electrical power via Ethernet cables! No need to plug compatible devices into outlets if you have one of those. Now if only there is a WIRELESS version …
  • DHP-301: what, you don’t have an Ethernet network installed at your home? Not a problem. Use your existing electrical outlets as a substitute Ethernet network with this handy Powerline HD Ethernet Starter Kit. Any electrical outlet can become an Ethernet jack with these accessories. Nowadays, with wireless routers becoming cheaper, one might question why we need this — but hey, there’s always an use for this.
  • DCS-2120: do you have a need to check on your employees while on the road — but you don’t have a laptop with you? Again, not a problem. With this nifty Wireless Internet Camera with 3G Mobile Video Support, you can watch streaming (live) video on compatible cellphones and mobile devices. Also comes with email alerts, save-to-computer, and other nifty survelliance features. Scary.

Ok, I’m starting to get creeped out. My shivers are no longer from delight. I’m getting a wee bit paranoid. Time to wrap this up. Bye.


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