Geeky or Ultra-Luxury?

April 3, 2007

Is this a geeky thing, or is this an ultra-luxury thing?

A new condo / apartment building going up in New York City, 200 Eleventh Avenue, has rather spacious 1-, 2-, 3-bedroom, and penthouse suites with water views. But what’s really, really striking about these suites are the “en-suite garages.” Fourteen out of the total number of sixteen suites have their own en-suite garages, with a car elevator leading to these en-suite garages. You must visit the site, click on the “En-suite garage” link, and play the movie. I know, ultra-luxury, but with a geeky touch. I love it. I’m taking contributions via PayPal toward buying one of these suites.

[Update: Wow, I’ve collected $7.21 so far. Thanks to both of you — including you too, Mom!]

(Thanks to Andrew Sullivan, a political blogger who also likes to mockingly blog about “gilded age” stuff.)

ensuite garage


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