Don we now our geek apparel

April 3, 2007

Now this is something I could literally get into. Geek apparel! Gives a new meaning to “Don we now our geek apparel.

Floppy disk notepadThinkGeek is selling items like notepads with covers made from old floppy disks, a t-shirt with an animated (yes, ANIMATED!) retro ping pong game, a hooded sweatshirt proudly proclaiming “GEEK,” and a tie with binary code printed on it saying “Ties Suck.”

caffeine molecule keychainFractalSpin, not to be outdone, offers handbags made of floppy disks, a keychain shaped like a caffeine molecule, CAT5 bracelets made from real Ethernet cables, and a belt of multicolored IDE cables.

The Geek Gear Store (now there’s a name that I love) sells pencil holders made from floppy disks, and a computer cat clock made mostly from recycled computer parts.

Each of these items (excepting, maybe, the more feminine items) is enough to send me in cardiac arrest of anticipation — I want them all!

(Many thanks to friend Alli from Montgomery Village who told me about the Washington Post Express newspaper article!)


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