Some April Fool’s Day jokes

April 1, 2007

Every year, lots of bloggers and even Internet companies makes bogus product announcements or blog posts for April Fool’s Day. Some zingers:

  • From Google: “Get free breakthrough TiSP — a free wireless broadband [high-speed] service through your TOILET!” [Involves having to do some wiring through your sewer, though.]
  • From Woot!: “Random Crap for $1,000,001.00” [Buy a bag of crap. Cheap, in my opinion.]
  • From Download Squad: “Microsoft acquired majority stake in GlaxoSmithKline” [Since Windows Vista causes a lot of heartburn, Microsoft thought it’d make sense to combine heartburn medicine services with Windows Vista. Not a bad idea.]
  • Also from Google: “Gmail Paper” [Click on a “Paper” button on your Gmail home page, and your email will be mailed to you in paper format (with an ad on the back) — free.”
  • From TreoCentral (a source of info of all things Treo): “Palm Releases WiFi Patch for all Treos” [Treo users have been wanting WiFi functionality in their Treos for a loooong time. Ok, you’ve got to be “there” to get this one, ha.]
  • From TechCrunch: “TechCrunch acquires” [combining news about Internet start-ups with news about failed Internet start-ups. I actually am not too sure this is a joke or not …]
  • Google Operating System blog: “Google Writer” [actually writes stuff for you, so you don’t have to.]

On a related note, is this an April’s Fool joke, or is it not? Yahoo announced Yahoo Underground, a web site which “explores America’s fringe cultures with reporting brought to life with original songs and music.”

Fun trivia: Google Gmail was launched on April’s Fool Day in 2004. It was a real product launch, but Google’s announcement was full of sillyness — purposefully making everyone doubt whether this was a real product launch or not.

If I hear of more, I’ll post updates here. If you hear of any, leave a comment!

Update 12:15pm:  Another April’s Fool joke, this time from Google Sightseeing (one of my favorite Google Maps / Earth blogs):  “Live Satellite Images in Google Earth” [Imagine seeing LIVE satellite photos — seeing cars move, seeing your girlfriend walk down the street, seeing police car chases …]


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