So you want your own TV channel for all your Gallaudet v-logs?

March 28, 2007

Do you have lots of v-logs that you want to share with folks — say, in your own TV channel, 24 hours a day, showing your v-logs again and again? Yes, you can. Sorta. will soon allow you to string together a series of videos (say, all of your v-logs) to create your own TV channel. A couple more web services — and Stickam — even allow you to have live streaming TV, 24 hours a day, if you want people to keep an eye on what you’re doing! (This isn’t a bad idea, actually — daycare providers should have this so that parents can check on their kids all the time.) The hottest live “personal” TV via the Internet is Justin.TV. I haven’t checked it out, but why don’t you go and let me know how it is?

Druther do an online magazine instead? Check out FormatPixel.

(See related Techcrunch blog post for more info on Justin.TV and these two “live TV” services, a Download Squad blog post for more info on, and another Download Squad blog post about FormatPixel.)



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