Mobile Start Pages

March 26, 2007

Recently, I did a blog post on personalized home pages for your computer. I wanted to quickly mention these home / start pages designed for browsing on your mobile device — i.e., your PDA with wireless service, or a cell-phone with a browser. These pages are also good for people using computers with dial-up telephone access. Some of these pages provide “squeezing” services — if you put in a link to a full website like, that page’d be squeezed and optimized for viewing on a mobile device. I actually use this type of “squeezing” all the time via Genius!, a separate program on my Treo which I recently wrote about.

(Thanks to Download Squad for several of the names on this list! For complete reviews and descriptions, please see Download Squad’s blog post about this.)

There are quite a few more. If you have any favorite ones you’d like to share, or you’re a developer of one, please leave a comment.


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