Online Party-planning Update: MyPunchbowl v. Evite

March 25, 2007

Mypunchbowl logoA while ago, I recommended MyPunchBowl as an online party-planner, replacing Evite as my preferred choice.

However, since then, I’ve had reason to change my mind back to Evite.

I am planning my younger daughter’s first birthday party. I loved MyPunchbowl’s “personal message” feature where I could customize a personal message to individual guests. Handy when inviting a kid the same age as my daughter without also inviting the kid’s sibling. And MyPunchbowl’s AJAX features made for cool screen eye-candy.

Evite logoBut I sorely missed Evite’s feature where the guests would put down how many people they’re bringing – we needed a running tally of the total number of attendees. And I noticed that Evite had recently updated itself and also used AJAX goodness for when you were filling in party info (altho not as smoothly or as cool as MyPunchbowl’s). Also, Evite had many, many pre-prepared party motif choices – we found exactly what we wanted for our daughter’s invitation picture, wording, and background.

But what was the final strike against MyPunchbowl in our eyes?

Most of our guests did NOT get the MyPunchbowl invitation email! We wondered why only a couple of our guests had viewed and responded, and followed up with several friends. Turned out they didn’t get the invitation sent several weeks prior, and even worse, had made firm plans elsewhere since then. I don’t know why — maybe some of them were spam-filtered, maybe some guests deleted the invitation thinking it was junk / spam, maybe they just weren’t delivered.

So, vastly disappointed and distressed, we quickly set up a new party on Evite and sent out invitations (with an apology to those getting invitations twice from different services). Our friends indeed got the second invite, this time from Evite, and quickly viewed and / or responded.

I will keep checking MyPunchbowl (and its competitors) for updates. I’m bummed because I really wanted to like MyPunchbowl and leave an aging Evite. (And MyPunchbowl even linked to my complimentary blog post.) But, like an errant child, I came back to Evite. At least for now.


One Response to “Online Party-planning Update: MyPunchbowl v. Evite”

  1. donna Says:

    Thanks for the heads up on mypunchbowl…it’s important to know who can follow through when planning any event!

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