Windows Vista Annoyance #1: User Account Control

March 23, 2007

I’ve been pretty quiet the past two days. Why? Because I was otherwise occupied updating my laptop after installing Windows Vista Home Premium on it. Folks, if you’re a novice-to-medium computer user, and if you’re reasonably happy with your current Vista-less PC computer, don’t upgrade to Vista. It’s a lot of work, and I ended up erasing everything on my laptop (including my personal files). Luckily I had everything already copied to a back-up hard drive. And the new features of Vista aren’t really worth the laborious upgrade.  Of course, if you buy or bought a new laptop that comes with Vista already built-in, you’ll be fine.

I quickly found one feature of Windows Vista to be annoying: its “User Account Control.” If you make any changes to Vista’s settings, or add a new program, the screen dims and a small window pops up asking you if you’re sure you want to make the change or addition. The first time it happened to me, I was like, “Whoa, what is this, this is scary. But thanks anyhow.” The second, third, fourth time this window appeared (once for each change I make), I was like, “Ok, I know what you are, thanks, but I’m fine.” But after the seventh, eleventh, nay, twentieth time this window appeared, I was becoming hot and bothered with this feature.

Took me a while to find out how to turn the User Account Control feature off, but here’s how:

1) Click on the Windows logo on the lower left corner (which used to be the “Start” menu);

2) Click on “Controls Panel,” and then select “User Accounts.”

3) At the bottom of the “User Accounts” box, click on “Turn User Account Control on or off”

4) Uncheck the box next to “Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer”

5) Click on “OK”

6) Do this for each user account (if you have more than one in your computer)

6) Restart your computer for the changes to take effect

And hey presto, Vista Annoyance #1 taken care of. I’m sure I’ll have more “Annoyances” blog posts coming up …


16 Responses to “Windows Vista Annoyance #1: User Account Control”

  1. -ck Says:

    As I always say, Macs are much more user-friendly than PCs. They don’t have these annoying details or nuances that Windows-based systems have. *wink*

  2. Belle Says:

    Fellow Mac user here: I have to type in my administrator password every time I want to install a new application. This is it. I understand true geeks like having the ability to take apart computers and thus like problem-riddled PCs. Right? ;)

    I, however, do like the 3-D layout of windows in Vista. Very Mac-like, that one.

  3. BEG Says:

    Linux user, here. Problem is, you kind of do want that notification running (after you’ve done twiddling things, of course) because it is a security feature, and would prevent malware from installing something without your notice.

    I would not even bother with changing to Vista as you say. XP is fine. Just get Vista when you get a new computer (and be sure that computer has a lot of muscle). Or do the sensible thing: migrate to linux or mac :-DBE

  4. Yeah, I am going wait till Vista get mature…

    Meantime, try out Ubuntu! You can install Ubuntu and keep Vista/XP as 2nd and 3rd Operating System.

    I’ve been using XP and Ubuntu back and forth. It’s been rewarding experience for me.


  5. Todd Says:

    Cool Vista tips! Have you figured out what causes the inability to launch an .exe file from a network drive? Since installing Vista I have to copy the file to my c: drive before executing it.

  6. proudgeek Says:

    Good question, Todd! I’ll look into this.

  7. saintpoop Says:

    I am having trouble accessing my Vista Home Premium laptop from my Mac. It is populating the workgroup and my user name but it’s asking for a password that I never had to begin with and don’t remember needing. I did have to have the laptop sent in and the mother board changed and have been trying to get things back to normal ever since. I have done the regedit change from 3 to 0 thing, but nothing is working! Please help!

  8. proudgeek Says:

    Saint — try pressing ENTER or RETURN instead of giving a password. Sometimes that works. Otherwise, I’m afraid I can’t help you there — I’m not too familiar with how the Mac networks with a Windows computer …

  9. […] 20th, 2007 (See also my other Vista Annoyance posts – turning off User Account Control, turning on Flip and Flip / Window Switcher, viewing and sharing files between XP and Vista […]

  10. […] all my Vista Annoyance posts – turning off User Account Control, turning on Flip and Flip / Window Switcher, viewing and sharing files between XP and Vista […]

  11. spirit Says:

    There are more details info about UAC from there Hacking Windows Vista’s User Account Control

  12. zehnmaster Says:

    Thank you for posting the Annoyance Blog. This has helped me with my ouwn Vista Frustrations. Keep up the good work.

  13. Keelback Says:

    I like the notifications. The problem is they don’t stop at one. I get two or three.

    Plus I get them for trvial changes. Aghhhhhhh!

  14. Linda Says:

    I have had Vista for about 5 minutes and already it has been driving me nuts. Thank you so much for the information regarding the process to make it a bit more workable without needing a constant dose of aspirin. You are a life saver if not my life than certainly my computer’s who is an innocent victim of Vista abuse.

  15. Darren Says:

    Another annoying thing about UAC, when it’s turned off you get an annoying shield in the corner that whinges at you that you’ve turned it off, and I’m like yeah I meant to turn it off, I don’t want no rubbishy little shield annoying me now, and to make things worse, the only way to get rid of that shield is to turn off all security notifications, including the one that warns you that your anti-virus is out of date, come on Microsoft a seperate option would have been nice and made sense. £90 (glad I bought the OEM version and not the retail) for a piece of half-baked junk software – rip off of the century.

  16. mj Says:

    thanks a lot man, got rid off the alerts whenever i create a folder !!! thanks


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