Snazzy VRI equipment

March 20, 2007

Don’t be surprised if you see this in your doctor’s office soon. At least one Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) provider — Access America VRI — sells or provides several types of Polycom teleconferencing equipment. They look fantastic, and I found them interesting enough to list here. Wonder if any other VRI providers also sell or provide specialized teleconferencing equipment to companies and organizations that contract with them.

  • Polycom VSX 3000: A flat-screen, thin TV monitor with a built-in high-quality video conferencing system (including videocamera and sound system). Also doubles as a computer monitor. Good for small (up to 4 people) meetings. I want one. (Hint, Polycom, hint hint.)


    Polycom VSX 3000
  • Polycom VSX 7000: A high-quality videocamera that works well with just about any large television or monitor. A very snazzy space-age design. I’m not sure I want one, but it’d look good on top of my 50″ rear-projection LCD television.

Polycom VSX 7000

  • Polycom iPower MedLink cart: a “medical” cart with cabinets, and a 20″ television mounted on a radial arm — along with a Polycom VSX 7000. Not bad to have around. A bit bulky, but useful. Access America calls this a “TeleMed Cart.”

MedLink Cart

  • Virtual Interpreter: I think this is exclusive to Access America VRI. Looks like number five is alive — again. (Click on the link if you didn’t catch the movie reference.) A thin portable cart, good for classrooms, patient rooms, and other “small” areas. I wonder if it has its own power (and its own intelligence as well). It would be cool, if it wasn’t so scary-looking. Sorry, I don’t want one.

Virtual Interpreter


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