Adding Snap VRS (and its uber-cool videophone)

March 19, 2007

Snap VRS logoI just added Snap VRS to my page listing Video Relay Service providers. Snap VRS will even be distributing uber-cool Ojo Video Phones for free! These video phones takes the coolness prize, and puts those stodgy, boxy VP-100 / 200’s and D-link videophones to shame. A couple pictures of these video phones below, from the Snap VRS website. Even the folks being pictured on the phones look cool! Of course, because the video phone only has a 7″ (diagonal) screen, the viewable area is a lot smaller than what we are probably used to on our televisions or computer monitors. But hey, the coolness factor of these video phones make up for its shortcomings.

[Note: I updated the Video Relay Services page on my blog, and NOT the older and not-to-be-updated-anymore article.]

Ojo Video Phone

Ojo video phone


16 Responses to “Adding Snap VRS (and its uber-cool videophone)”

  1. Rox Says:

    I could be mistaken, but I believe these phones can only be used to call other Ojo phones. Isn’t this a violation of the FCC rules of allowing one to use any relay service that they choose if other relay services don’t use the Ojo?

  2. JGJones Says:

    Resolution 176 x 144 (QCIF)
    Frame Rate 30 fps
    Compression (Primary) H.264

    The video quality isn’t better than the Dlink models that is the most popular popular in USA.

    They do a video resolution of 320×240 with H.263.

    I’ll take higher resolution over lower resolution, however one advantage of lower resolution is that it’s easier to achieve higher fps.

  3. JGJones Says:


    To answer your question.

    From the tech spec it seems that they support the SIP protocol for making calls. VP-100/200 use H.323 protocol, so you can’t use them to call each other.

    BUT they will work with any VRS that support SIP, but you couldn’t call or get calls from anyone with a H.323 based phone.

  4. Bill Says:

    I signed up for an Ojo and I just recieved a letter from SnapVRS last week via e-mail saying that the Ojo device will become interoperable with other VP devices very soon. It is my understanding that they had to resolve this issue before they could distribute the Ojos to the general public.

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  6. joop de vries Says:

    Goodmorning can you tell me when you are going to sale the ojo,because it is a top product.
    best regards joop de vries.

  7. Kent Says:

    As a current SnapVRS/OJO user, I’d like to clarify that the OJO is currently interoperable in accordance with the FCC interoperability ruling. Deafies with VP-100/200 or Dlink 1000 can call Ojo users and vice versa by using IP addresses. Ojo users can call one another directly using standard phone numbers. I am hoping that more folks will try out the Ojo, which is free to all Deaf/HoH persons who apply at the website.

  8. Daryl Says:

    In an interesting e-mail that was sent out today by Snap!VRS Mr. Schatzberg claims that the Ojo is interoperable and that consumers should simply take that as reality. However, the reality is much different from what that claim.

    Let me begin by expressing my appreciation and gratitude to the employees of Snap, Worldgate and CAN who have worked long and hard on the interoperability project. I have seen and used an interoperable Ojo. The interoperability solution as I’ve seen it works well and seems to be well thought out. I applaud those who’ve worked diligently to make that a reality.

    The issue here is that interoperability is being given out in a selective, subjective manner. That means, if you already have an Ojo and want the interoperability download you have to be approved by someone at Snap to receive it. There doesn’t appear to be any objective criteria for how that decision is made. For example, a number of Ojo’s located in New Mexico that were purchased through retail channels (“non-Snap” Ojo’s) were recently approved by Snap to receive the interoperability download. In contrast, when I asked to receive the interoperability download for my non-Snap Ojo I was told that I could not receive the update.

    How was that determination made? Who made that determination in each situation? What were the objective criteria?

    Some people have asked, “but you’re hearing Daryl, why do you need it?” I don’t need it specifically, but Deaf friends and colleagues who have and will visit my home have needed it. It would be overburdensome to ask my friend to bring his own Ojo to my house just so he could make a telephone call. I can stand in the place of my house guests in my request because it is personal to me and affects my guests visiting my house.

    The great thing about technology and the blogosphere is corporations and the people who run them can be placed under an unforgiving microscope of transparency. Either the reality that is hyped is true or it’s not. Below I provide pictures and video that show my Ojo attempting to dial an IP address/domain name then failing to do so. The reason is that my request to receive the interoperability download was denied and still to this day is being denied.

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  10. […] it looks like some kind of upright tablet / monitor. Looks like it’s much wider than the Ojo. Hmmm. (Speaking of which, SnapVRS, I still haven’t gotten an Ojo unit from you. I want one!) […]

  11. Judie Vivian Says:

    We are wondering if Daryl ever got his download. We are eager to be able to “dial” our Ojo phone using a URL, but ours doesn’t have the choice because it is not a Snap Ojo. This has become urgent with the current outage of the Worldgate network server. If anyone has any ideas on how to get the firmware to enable us to dial using a URL, please let us know. We are trying to communicate Ojo to Ojo, so interoperability is not an issue.

  12. Rhode Says:

    YES, PLEASE let all Ojo owners know how to make our current Ojo’s able to dial other Ojos as well as other PC’s with webcams. Thanks!

  13. Elizabeth Says:

    The Ojo is a fantastic device, and SNAP is a really good company. All companies go through bumps, but SNAP!VRS has made a bunch of smart business moves to make sure the callers have the best experiences possible. You can make a call using this VRS service from and Video Phone, using:

  14. Daryl Crouse Says:

    To reply to Judie in an earlier post – No, I still have not received interoperability code back onto my Ojo as it was when I purchased it. I’ve asked again and again, a Deaf friend who borrowed it for a while tried to get the code back onto the device and was still denied.

  15. laura jeanette utley Says:

    how i get free 200 vp i want so bad 200 vp thank you laura

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