Woot the heck?!

March 16, 2007

Woot Sold OutWoot! One day, one deal. What the heck is this site? It only sells one item a day? Yes, just one, until it’s sold out. A new item — something cool and cheap — is released at midnight, Central time. And we won’t know if it’s sold out until it’s SOLD OUT. Woot! wouldn’t tell us how many items are left. A good marketing scheme? Probably not. Woot! staff admits that they probably won’t be profitable until 2043 — but they apparently are having a lot of fun in the meanwhile. And so are we. Exalibur Kit

I was really bummed to miss today’s item — the Excalibur Emergency Roadside Kit for $14.99. I could use two of those, one for my SUV and one for my van. But by the time I signed up and ordered two, around 9am EST (oops, EDT), it was sold out. Dang. I have no idea if $14.99 is a good deal for the whole kit — it’s just that Woot! has got me all excited with its silly saavy suaveness.

Toshiba tvThe other day, Woot! had a gorgeous Toshiba HD-ready LCD 20″ television with built-in DVD player for $350-something. I already had one in our sitting room which we bought for over $400 (and even so, it was apparently a good deal) — and I thought, could I use another LCD 20″ television with built-in DVD player? My finger was itchin’ at the mouse, but I resisted and didn’t succumb — this time.

Hmm, maybe I’d better start getting up at midnight Central time … That’s one a.m. my time. Piece of cake. Not.

Good night. No, time to Woot!


3 Responses to “Woot the heck?!”

  1. Andy Says:

    Too bad Josh. I got the Roadside Kit and it was still available at 3:54 am.
    Hasn’t arrived yet so don’t know what kind of bargain it was, if it was.

  2. proudgeek Says:

    Ah, saw a recent Woot! blog post saying they’re in the process of moving to a bigger headquarters building — hence the delay in the shipping of some of their stuff.

  3. Trivino Says:

    Once again the Panasonic hdtv is one of the hottest gifts this Christmas, they’re selling out fast. I found mine at http://astore.amazon.com/50-inch-lg-hdtv-for-sale-20

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