Weather on your street

March 11, 2007

You can now zoom in as close as your street and see exactly what the current weather is there. has a new feature in conjunction with Microsoft Virtual Earth where radar imagery is overlayed on top of Virtual Earth’s interactive map (which is much like Yahoo Maps or Google Maps).   You can use the mouse to move the map around, or zoom in to your street and see exactly whether it’s raining there or if it’s in between rain bands.  Really cool.  Here’s the link again: Interactive Maps.
Do I use it?  Actually, no.  I use both Accuweather Premium (for $7.95 a month — I’m trying it out for now) and the paid version of Wunderground ($5 a year).  Why do I pay?  Because I hate ads flashing around my weather forecasts or cluttering up the screen.  Neither has a map that zooms in as close as’s new interactive map does, though.  (Hmm, Gold — which has no ads — goes for $24.95 a year.  Cheaper than Accuweather.  Hmm.)

Oh, by the way, Weatherbonk also provides street-level radar maps, although it’s not as ‘neat’ as’s.


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