Moving online, part II

March 9, 2007

[Note: this info is also contained in a page attached to my blog, called Doing everything online – check the right column of my blog under “Pages with more stuff”]

Earlier, I wrote several posts about doing online what you normally would have done via a program on your computer — i.e., word processing, creating spreadsheets and presentations, editing photos, database management, etc. Instead of purchasing, downloading, installing, and / or updating individual programs on your computer (like Microsoft Word and Excel, Adobe Photoshop, etc), you can now go online via your favorite Internet browser and do the same thing. Often for free, and you wouldn’t need to worry about downloading updates for these applications.

Below is a list of online applications that are among my favorite or that I would recommend for common every-day work normally done on the computer. More and more web services are offering similar online applications, and I add / edit this list accordingly.


Documents and office tasks:




One Response to “Moving online, part II”

  1. Arvind Says:

    proudgeek, glad to know that may of Zoho’s services form part of your favorites! keep using Zoho and do mail in your valuable feedback :-)

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