Gmail Plus

March 9, 2007

Quick Google Gmail trick: if you add a “+” then any word(s) to your Gmail address just before the, emails will still go to your account. But you can now filter it more easily. For example, if my “real” Gmail email address is, here are some examples:

  • – to use when leaving comments on the Proud Geek blog
  • – to use when I create accounts on news web sites
  • – to use when I create a new account
  • – to use when I create a Babycentral account

… And if you receive spam or junk emails from any of these places, you can easily set up a filter on that moves any of these “+word” emails to a special folder or even directly to the Spam / Junk folder.

I’ve been doing this rather consistently whenever I sign up at a website that has dubious value. And at least once or twice, I almost immediately began getting porn spam — once right after signing up at a seemingly legitimate baby info website! Pathetic. Anyway, I was able to quickly set up a filter and divert all of that spam directly into the spam folder. Phew.

Yahoo Mail has a similar feature: disposable email addresses. (Hmm, a quick search and yet I can’t find it — maybe it was phased out …)  Edit: You have to be a Yahoo Mail Plus subscriber (for a fee per year) to have this feature.


One Response to “Gmail Plus”

  1. MAS Says:

    Problem is that many companies or spammers would remove anything after + to spam to your original gmail email. For example, and I could remove “+xyz” so I can send to your original email. That still would spam to your gmail account and it can’t be easily avoided.

    Yahoo is the best with disposable email address I have ever seen. Yep, you have to pay for plus email service at yahoo to get disposable email addresses. Spammers or companies do not know what was your original email address, Yahoo setup for disposable email address are completely different and all you have to create permanent “prefix” and “suffix” is your identify with companies, etc. So if my prefix is “dreamer” and you create suffix gap to make account with So it would be and company will not be able to find your original email address by that way.

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