()*&%#$ solicitations

March 8, 2007

How many of you are getting solicitations in the mail from credit card companies on nearly a daily basis? (Raising my hand too – wow, most of you, huh?) OptOutPrescreen is a website where you can opt out of credit card solicitations through the mail. Give this a bit of time to become effective.

Do not call registry iconYou can opt out of some additional junk mail solicitations through DMA Consumer’s website. Note, however, that companies sending junk mail only need to voluntarily participate in this opt-out program – so this won’t eliminate all junk mail. Dang.

You can also opt-out of many telephone tele-marketing solictations via the Federal government’s National Do Not Call Registry. Be sure to include your pager / cellphone numbers as well as your home and fax numbers.

Blue recycling binFor me, all my junk mail (and torn-up credit card solicitations) gets pitched in our recycling bin. The bin’s as high as my waist, and yet every two weeks it gets chock full of junk mail, boxes, paper packing, discarded papers, etc.

Nice to get some &$*(#@&^% satisfaction, and save the world at the same time.

(Thanks to Dailykos, a political blog, for some of this information.)


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