Video Relay Services

March 7, 2007

(Update: all of this info is now contained in a separate page on my blog; I will no longer edit or update this post — instead, please visit the Video Relay Services page.)

I’ve tried my best to list the various video relay services available in the United States, in alphabetical order. I also included their IP addresses that you could add to your videophone, the number (if any) that voice callers can call, and any special features these VRS services provide. If there are any errors or omissions, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add or revise accordingly. A couple of these VRS providers’ webpages depended heavily on Flash animation and did not have specific links to features.

att logoAT&T VRS:




  • What to dial: CSDVRS.TV
  • Hearing callers: 800-538-9881
  • CSDVRS also offers VCO, Spanish VRS, personalized voice mail, web browser-based VRS, and VRS call-back.
  • CSDVRS services are provided in conjunction with Sprint.

Hamilton VRS logoHamilton VRS:

Hands On VRS:HOVRS logo

Hawk Relay VRS LogoHawk Relay VRS:

  • What to dial:
  • Provided by CACRelay.

i711 logoi711 VRS (by Go America):

  • What to dial: web-based only
  • i711 VRS provides web-based calling (Internet Explorer only) and “VRS Notepad” (for numbers and other difficult-to-spell information)

IP Relay VRS logoIP-Relay VRS:

  • What to dial: TV.IPVRS.COM
  • Hearing callers: no number (?)
  • IP-Relay VRS also offers HCO / VCO and web-based VRS.
  • Provided by Verizon.

Lifelinks VRS logoLifelinks VRS:

  • What to dial: or
  • Hearing callers: no number (?)
  • Lifelinks VRS also offer Sightspeed (a downloadable computer program) and Spanish VRS.

sorenson logoSorenson VRS:

Viable VRS LogoViable VRS:

  • What to dial:
  • Hearing callers: no number (?)
  • Viable VRS supports any PC videoconferencing program that can dial

sprint logoSprint VRS:

federal vrs logoFederal VRS:

There are also numerous state-specific VRS services, but all of them are being provided under contract with Sprint or Hamilton VRS. TDI Online has a complete list of links to these state VRS services, although a couple of links may be outdated. (I should note that Maryland now has a VRS service, provided in conjunction with AT&T.) (Edit: Maryland only provides a page with links to different VRS providers.)

Wikipedia has some good information on Video Relay Services, with links.


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