Wherefore art thou?

March 6, 2007

If you’re like me and have either a Sorenson or D-Link videophone connected to your television, you can call other videophone users using their phone number or IP address. Calling using IP addresses is much more reliable. But oftentimes people don’t know their own IP address, or their IP addresses are dynamic (changes every once in a while).

Now you can look up your IP address via IP-adress.com. (Yes, I spelled that with ONE “d” — “adress” instead of “address.”). This nifty web service gives you your IP address. It even gives you your approximate location and the Internet service you’re using, and displays a Google map with a pinpoint within a couple miles from your location. (Spooky, ain’t it?) Note that you must be using a computer that’s hooked up to the same network as your videophone. If you’re at work, this method may not work. (Instead, you could go to the videophone’s Setting option, then Network, then Public IP to find out the public IP number.)

Again, it’s IP-adress.com — with one “d”, not two. Wonder why that company did it that way. Maybe someone did a typo while registering that domain, or they were desperate for something memorable. Hmm.

(Not my real IP address nor location.)


2 Responses to “Wherefore art thou?”

  1. firenzio Says:

    IP-Adress.com is the best ip address locator. Thank you for this. I go to trace the ips of my friends.

  2. […] do with your IP number. (A check of Intrado’s home page confirms this.) As I explained in a recent post, you can find out your IP number via ip-adress.com (again, not a misspelling — there’s […]

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