Read your voicemail

March 6, 2007

SimulScribe logoDownload Squad recently wrote about SimulScribe, a new web service that can transcribe your voice mail into readable text. There’s a monthly fee of $9.95 for the first 40 messages, and 25 cents per message after that. A nice service if you would rather have everything come to you as emails or have difficulty checking your voicemail on a regular basis. This service uses “cutting-edge voice recognition” technology instead of live agents, so I wonder how accurate these transcriptions are. Nonetheless, there are times when I would much rather have a computer transcribe my voice mail — no need for a live person to type all the kissy sounds in messages (from my partner only, I swear), or the “I love you, but you never call, you never write” guilt-laden messages from my mom (but I do write all the time, Mom!).


3 Responses to “Read your voicemail”

  1. Trent Says:

    Im using spinvox for this same thing. They are offering a one year free trial. I wook them up on the offer and couldnt be happier. They are so fast and acurate in their conversions. I found out about them in the n.y. times article. Heres their site:

  2. […] 20th, 2007 I previously wrote about Simulscribe, a web service that would transcribe your spoken voice mail into text (for a fee). There are two […]

  3. […] to be converted to text to be emailed or SMS’ed to you. (See my reviews or mentions of SimulScribe, Spinvox, and Jott.) But this one, folks, is […]

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