Let your computer and PDA see the daylight

March 6, 2007

Like an unwelcome guest, daylight savings time is coming early and staying longer this year — as legislated by law. It begins this Sunday, March 11th, instead of the first Sunday in April. And it’s gonna be a mini-Y2K problem for most of us, since most of our computers, PDAs, smart toasters and roasters, etc probably aren’t configured or updated yet to reflect the changes. So, when we change the time by hand, these computers and PDAs will probably go and mess it up again on the first Sunday in April. And then again later this year. And again next year, and so on …

If you have a PC computer: if your PC computer isn’t set for auto-updates or doesn’t have the new Windows Vista operating system (released last month), please check this link and follow the instructions.

If you have an Apple computer: if you don’t have OS X 10.4.5 or later (i.e., if you purchased your Apple computer before Februar y 2006 or haven’t updated your OS X since then), then check this link and follow the instructions.

If you have a Palm device: please download and then update your Palm via this link and a hotsync cable. See the following list of applicable Palm devices:

Palm devices running the Palm operating system:

  • Treo 700p
  • Treo 680, 650, 600
  • Treo 300, 270
  • LifeDrive
  • Tungsten T5,T3, T2
  • Tungsten C, E2, E, W
  • Zire 72, 31, 21
  • TX, Z22

Palm devices running Windows Mobile:

  • Treo 750
  • Treo 700w
  • Treo 700wx

If you have a Windows Mobile device not made by Palm: Microsoft released an update last month, but it had a major bug that could wreak havoc on your appointments between March 11th and the first Sunday in April. So, if you haven’t updated your device, or used the mid-February update, please download the newer update and follow the instructions at this link.

If you have a T-mobile / Hip-Hop Sidekick: Looks like your device will be updated automatically. If I’m in error, I will update here accordingly.

If you have a Blackberry: Most Blackberry devices must be updated manually. If you got your Blackberry from your company via an IT administrator, he or she is responsible for updating your Blackberry. Please contact him/her. If you purchased a Blackberry on your own, it becomes confusing. Go to this page and follow the instructions, and hope for the best. Or, visit the support section of your Blackberry’s phone company’s webpage — e.g., VerizonWireless or T-mobile. It looks like for most newer Blackberries (including my partner’s 8700g Blackberry from T-mobile), you can insert the following address into the Blackberry’s web browser and download the update directly to your Blackberry unit: www.blackberry.com/dst2007/patch

If you have a non-smart cellphone: Many cellphones will be updated automatically, but some may need manual updating. Please visit the support page of your cellphone’s phone company’s website and look for “Daylight savings time” instructions.

I gotta update my Palm Treo 650 as well!

Update:  Here’s a WashingtonPost discussion on this topic.  The analyst in the discussion gives some reasons why the change had been made, and gives out some more tips as well.  Check it out.


One Response to “Let your computer and PDA see the daylight”

  1. Jacob Zeller Says:

    This one hits close to home. I remember being posted at our local DND (dept of national defence) site during Y2K, waiting for the world to crash at the stroke of midnight. Nothing happened. I see this DST chaos as a mini Y2K. I spent much of last week and this, patching servers, pc’s, and 8 different models of blackberrys. So far everything has gone smoothly. We’ll see what happens monday morning… Just wanted to say your links are good, and lots of good info here. Keep it up!

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