Ninja t-shirt folding

March 5, 2007

For years, the way I folded a t-shirt made the end result tiny and neat, but rather thick. And it takes me a while to fold each t-shirt. Then I came across this Youtube video of “ninja t-shirt folding.” This is gonna revolutionize how I fold t-shirts.

Now, I need to find a video on how to fold a fitted bed sheet — I always end up with some misshapen lump-of-a-sheet.  Ah, found one.  But this is kinda what I do already.  Hmf.


3 Responses to “Ninja t-shirt folding”

  1. staz Says:

    neat!!!! i believe it will save some space in my dresser

  2. janene Says:

    omigosh! this is a perfect self-explanation for my fiance – he still has trouble folding the tees in the simplest way i taught him, but yet always fail! thanks for this :]

  3. Jacob Zeller Says:

    I’m going to be married soon, this clip might just save my marriage! lol Thanx, I’ll start practicing asap.

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