Make TTY calls via your computer and the Internet

March 5, 2007

Nextalk, a little-known computer program, allows you to make TTY calls from your computer, using the Internet instead of the phone line. Free, gratis, zilch, zip, nada. Very nice, especially considering that calls via a TTY can take so much longer than a typical voice call — and long distance charges can really rack up. Now you can call your hearing mom, and when she says, “Oh how nice, but we’d better hang up, I don’t want your phone bill to be expensive,” you can just say something syrupy like, “Oh Mom, don’t worry, the call’s free — but you’re always worth it anyway.”

You can even get your own 1-888 phone number which people can call to reach you — it’d ring on your computer if the Nextalk software is running. If the caller is hearing, the person’d be connected automatically to a relay agent. If deaf, the TTY call will go through immediately. If fax, a copy will be made and then sent to you.

The same Nextalk software also allows you to make video relay calls if you have a good webcam connected to the computer.

If this program is a good ‘fit’ for you, then download the Nextalk program and sign up for your free account.


14 Responses to “Make TTY calls via your computer and the Internet”

  1. Barry Says:

    Yes I love this program, I nextalked with my mom thru this program several times. Thanks, JOSH!!!

  2. […] smartphones, although that number of friends were steadily declining (and besides, we could use Nextalk to do TTY calls from our computer). And family members and hearing friends? Emails, text messaging, […]

  3. Sue Downing Says:

    I am a hearing person with a computer and Internet access. I would like to call my brother who is deaf and has a TTY machine on his phone. Can I do this? How? Thanks!

  4. Proud Geek Says:

    Sue – you can download Nextalk onto your computer, set up an account, and then call your brother’s TTY / phone using Nextalk. Free long distance calling, too.

  5. leah Says:

    oh yea…you can also place relay calls from

    and not only do they issue you a free phone number (local area code) but they (depending on area) work with your local 911 service (it works like a VOIP 911) call, and you can also place calls through the sprint relay system by adding SprintIP to your AIM Buddy list, and then im’ing them the number you wish to call (just dont forget your ga’s and sk’s because even tho it looks like an IM to you, it still looks like a regular relay call to the opr).

  6. tami Says:

    Hi I want to ask u about that I want to planning to call my friend has tty but I have computer and vp thats all.. I can’t find how to call computer to tty.. how to do.. thanks have a nice day

  7. Karen Says:

    I’m glad you have had good experience with Nextalk. I have NOT. When it works, its GREAT! When it doesn’t…well, you can guess. I would love to have it work consistently. If you can make suggestions to help with that, I would be very grateful.

  8. Cameron Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    You Have To Listen “Proud Geek” Is Right. Nextalk Is The Best Help You. Go Click:

    If You Don’t Have a Register Yet, Then Go Register. Enjoy!.

  9. ed Says:

    What if it takes more than 30 seconds for the tty to connect? the nextalk software hangs up after 30 seconds, and I can’t figure out how to make it wait longer!

    • proudgeek Says:

      Good question – I don’t know the answer other than to make sure the other side responds quicker with the TTY in the future.

  10. James Says:

    You mentioned the sprint relay. It no longer exisists here in Fouth Floirda. ATT took over some time ago.

  11. Chappy Says:

    Does the nextalk program need a phone line or sound card in
    order for it to work? I have seen other TTY downloads needing these
    things. Also does it work wirelessly? Thanks

    • proudgeek Says:

      It’s been a (long!) while since I used it, but I believe everything is done via the Internet and not over a phone line. No sound card or modem needed, either. Must be connected to the Internet, though.

  12. UMRK Says:

    I just downloaded the file, but was unable to register or get a user name/pswd. Message on the website indicates service is down :(

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