How to make a sick daughter feel better

March 4, 2007

Youtube logoEarlier today, my older daughter puked at a birthday party. (Ok, no more details, I promise.) She’s better, but she has been clingy and weepy. So, I did something I knew would improve her mood and help her feel better. I sat her on my lap in front of the computer, went to, and searched for “funny cat” videos. Hey presto, I had dozens of short videos to choose from, that had my daughter giggling and me laughing till tears were coming out of my eyes. And once we saw the best ones, well, there were even more funny dog videos! I have a (free) Youtube account, and I’ve favorited quite a few of these videos so I can easily find them the next (and next and next and …) time my daughter is sick.

Try this video, and this one, and this one too, and that one, and that one too.

What’s Youtube? It’s a website where you can find or upload many, many videos. Used to be that when you wanted to send your mom the latest video of your baby trying to crawl (for the umpteenth time), you’d attach it to an email and hope your mom can download itMike Doonesbury and then open it. Nowadays, you’d upload the video to a website like Youtube and send the URL (web address) link to your mom. And she can just click on the video and watch it, and click it again, and again, and again …

Today’s Doonesbury talked about Youtube as well. Check it out.

FYI, Youtube is now owned by Google. That makes it the third time I’ve talked about one of Google’s “properties” in two days — Google Earth, Google Picasa, and now Youtube. Can’t you tell I’m crazy about Google?

Edit: finally figured out how to embed YouTube videos onto this blog. Here’s a fun kitty video.


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