I (heart) Firefox

March 3, 2007

Firefox logo Basically, there are three or four competing programs PC users use to browse the Internet (browsers):

(I’m not counting programs designed for Macintosh computers, nor the smaller browsers that haven’t really caught on like Flock.)

In the early years of the Internet, I was a Netscape devotee — but then I succumbed and switched to Internet Explorer because of its compatibility with many more websites. But I became unhappy with Internet Explorer for several reasons — the length of time in between version updates, the lack of “plug-ins” (little cool things you can add to it to expand its functionality), and the fact that it crashes or freezes frequently. Internet Explorer

And then I discovered Firefox. And I fell in love. Totally head over heel in love. (Shh, don’t tell my partner.) Now here was an Internet browser that didn’t try to take over my computer, has frequent updates, didn’t crash nearly as much (if at all), has many many add-ons / extensions available for installation, has a spunky logo that’s much cooler than a blue “E”, and much much more.

Since my partner and I share both computers in our house, we needed a way to keep our bookmarks separate without having to go through the ordeal of logging into the computer (or switching users) each time we changed seats. Once I downloaded and started to use Firefox, the solution was simple: my partner stayed with old stogey Internet Explorer, and I eloped with young spunky Firefox. Nowadays, both browsers are often left running on both of our computers, and at any time I can step away and my partner can take my place without a break in browsing the Internet (nor do I lose my place, or my partner’s place). And my bookmarks are always intact, and his too.

Internet Explorer was recently updated to version 7. And I like the new version a lot. It finally has “tabbed browsing” built in — something that Firefox has had from the very beginning. And I like how IE 7 manages bookmarks. However, Firefox still has my heart captive. For now. Love is a fickle thing.

In a later blog post, I’ll share my favorite Firefox add-ons. But that’s a tale for a later time …


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