A single IM website to handle all your different IM accounts

March 3, 2007

If you’re like me, you’ve got maybe five or more different instant messaging (IM) accounts (or handles). One (or even two like me) handles for AIM, another for Yahoo, yet one more for MSN, yet another for Google Talk. And if you’re even more geeky than me, you may have one for ICQ and another for jabber.

What’s even worse, you may have already downloaded and installed a separate computer program for each of these instant messaging accounts. These programs are being updated all the time, and so, like me, you may be downloading updates over and over again for these programs. And you may have multiple IM programs open at the same time, with windows all over the screen.

I have a solution for our multiple IM blues. Meebo.com.

Meebo is a website where you can log into any of your IM accounts I mentioned above. No program to download. Just go to this website, log in, and all of your buddy lists will show up. You can send and receive instant messages, all from your own Internet browser (like IE or Netscape or, my favorite, Firefox). Works great! There are other websites similar to Meebo, but Meebo’s my favorite.

You can even create a Meebo account (I know, yet another account, but bear with me!), and that account would keep track of all of your various IM handles — even if you’ve got several AIM handles. And when you log into your Meebo account, and depending on your settings, it would automatically log into all or some of your various IM handles. Very, very cool.

You can even create a “Meebo Me” widget. You can “embed” this widget into, say, your own website or your Xanga / MySpace page. And anybody who visits that page can send you an instant message without leaving that page. Hard to explain, but I think it’s simply amazing.

Go give Meebo a try.


2 Responses to “A single IM website to handle all your different IM accounts”

  1. […] 3rd, 2007 A while ago, I raved about Meebo and suggested that it be part of the “Doing Everything Online” strategy. […]

  2. Ted Burrett Says:

    Hey, cool tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a glass of beer to the man from that forum who told me to go to your site :)

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